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Welcome to the results of my nightlife :-).
I enjoy building fast and efficient java solutions. I dislike bloaty, configuration heavy, intransparent frameworks. From my experience, the use of simple "low tec" design patterns, composing domain-focussed libraries result in both efficient and maintainable systems.

Notable work (Java)

Fast Serialization ("FST")

A high performance reimplementation of Java serialization supporting JDK serialization features and interfaces so you can just drop it into existing projects instead of JDK Serialization. Also contains a no-brainer implementation of (persistent) OffHeap HashMaps.


light weight and well performing distributed actor implementation which has some similarities to node.js, Dart's model of concurrency (eventloop'ish).


High performance topic based messaging ("event bus") backed by a reliable UDP multicast/SharedMem implementation. Leverages FST to provide a convenient and fast 1:N remote method invocation interface enabling up to 12 million 1:N remote calls per second.

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