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FST: fast java serialization drop in-replacement



Supports java 1.7+ (fst 1.63: JDK 1.6)

Maven, Download

download non-maven build at the releases section:

Note: fixes+updates are delivered with some delay to maven central, check downloads first for newest version

older version (1.6 build, slightly faster, less features, serialization probably more stable)

State of this project

FST Serialization should be pretty stable and JDK-serialization compatible today. It is used in a large distributed high performance application. Additionally a lot of remaining corner cases (mostly JDK-serialization-compatibility-issues) have been fixed when replacing JDK-serialization in a prime-faces webflow webapp (lot's of rarely used constructs in there).


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Also see this blog post.



I measure different typical use cases (both classes with lots of native data and structural complex object graphs). The benchmarks assures, that only serialization speed is measured. Creation of ByteArrayStreams etc. is not included in the benchmark times. Additionally for each library best efforts are made to use them in the best possible way (e.g. reuse heavy weight objects if possible).

newer results

older results